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Fiverr Buyer Request All Problems and Solutions

Fiverr Buyer Request All Problems and Solutions

Fiverr Buyer Request All Problems and Solutions

Newcomers in particular have a lot of curiosity and problems with buyer requests. Because this is where the path to a new Fiverr freelancer can begin. I have arranged this article with some questions and answers from everyone’s questions and my experience.

Fiverr Buyer Request Effective Techniques

Q: Why Fiverr buyer request is not showing?

A: This is a common question for new sellers. In fact, the new sellers look a little different. So it becomes a little difficult for newcomers. If you complete the order in 1-2 hours, the buyer will start shaking the request. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. You can try three things. First of all, as a new seller, you can open a maximum of 8 gigs, try to open only 8 gigs in all of them. Secondly, make sure that the gig categories and sub-categories are correct in the gigs you open. Also, keep one or two gigs sub-category “others”, it will be quite useful. Third, check the buyer request section frequently. Try to check especially when buyers have more activity. When the buyers. Check the answer to question number 08 to know if it is more active.


Q: The buyer is making a request, but why can’t I send an offer?

A: If there is a problem in sending the offer to the buyer’s request at a certain angle, then the buyer may have set the offer limit and the limit number of offers has been sent. But if this is the case with all the buyer requests, then maybe the positive rating of your profile is below 90% and you need to get a 90% or more positive rating first. If you get a new order to do this, try to complete it with the highest rating of 5 stars. And in this case, there is no alternative but to keep the buyer happy with good customer service and good work.

Q: Buyer requests come in, but very few. What can I do?

A: If you have the opportunity to play more gigs, then open the gigs. Especially if you can work in a separate category or sub-category, then open the gig in a separate category. Stay more active with that. Moreover, as your level increases, you will get more buyer requests. So now you have to work with as many buyer requests as you can by making possible suggestions.

Q: Approximately how many people after offering that buyer request is better not to offer?

A: In fact, there are no such restrictions. However, if too many offers are sent, your chances of getting a job there may decrease a bit if the buyer does not check all the offers. However, if you get a good offer, the possibility of your work remains even in more offers, so try to send me an offer.

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Q: After reading the buyer’s request well, a lot of offers are sent. What to do?

A: If you take the time to read and understand the request and make a good offer, and in that time many offers are sent, you will not be bothered. Because most sellers don’t know how to send an offer, they send the offer as much as they can, which the buyer can’t take notice of. So, without thinking about it, make sure you send the offer in a good way.

Q: When is the buyer request more available?

Answer: It is not possible to say specifically. It depends entirely on the buyer when a buyer in a country will conveniently post a buyer request from a timezone. But at certain times the activity of buyers can be noticed more. More buyer activity can be observed from 8.00 pm to 3.00 pm and from 8.00 am to 9.00 am. So, at these two times, you can conveniently stay active.

Q: How can a buyer request play a role in getting the first job?

A: Of course, the buyer’s request can play an important role in getting the first job. I am currently a level two seller but 2 years ago I received about 10 orders from my first 2 clients and both clients received buyer requests. Many such sellers have received the first order from the buyer’s request in the new condition and are still receiving it, hopefully in the future too. Buyer requests are a great place to start.

Q: Can the offer be sent to all the buyer requests that will come in front?

A: Yes, you can send offers to all of you if you want. However, keep in mind that you cannot send more than 10 offers per day. Moreover, the buyer will read the requirements well. Only send offers if you can. Otherwise, you will get in trouble even if you get the job.

Q: Is there a way for a new buyer request to actually get notified?

A: No, so far Fiverr has not introduced such a corner option. You need to manually check your mobile or computer, again and again, to see if a new buyer request has arrived.

Q: Is there any way to view the profile or username of the buyer who submitted the buyer request?

A: Yes, I know I have a browser plugin that can be seen, but I’m not recommending it. Although I checked the plugin myself and didn’t find anything that might cause trouble, I’m not inclined to do a corner trick with Fiverr.


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