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Run facebook without Mb with pictures

Run facebook without Mb with pictures

After a long time, today I am back with the post of Free Internet. Today I will show you how to run Facebook Lite without any kind of data pack with full pictures.

Today's post is going to be very useful for free Facebook users.


So let's start without further talking

Follow the below steps carefully

free facebook

First, go to your main Facebook app. Then click here on the profile. Then follow as below

In this way, you have created another account without any password on your same ID. In this case, you will need MB to make a sub-account on main Facebook. But only for making a sub account. Since I have already created an account, I have not shown it. You can make an account like yourself.

Then clear the app data of Facebook Lite. Force to stop the main Facebook app. Then follow the steps below. If there is still data on the phone, if it is an airtel SIM, disable it from my airtel app.


See I have no data on my phone but the pictures are not showing in the main account but the pictures are showing in the sub account of the main account which has just been created.

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