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WooCommerce Rename Place Order Button at Checkout

woocommerce place order by payment gateway

WooCommerce Rename Place Order Button at Checkout

Today, I will show you the easiest way to dynamically and conditionally change it based on the selected payment gateways while checking out. To do this? this snippet requires a payment gateway “ID”. Here is the reference for payment gateway IDs in case you don’t know how to retrieve them.

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woocommerce find gateway ID
WooCommerce find gateway ID

PHP Snippet: Rename the “Place Order” Button Dynamically @ WooCommerce Checkout Page


 * @snippet       Rename "Place Order" By Gateway @ WooCommerce Checkout
 * @how-to        Get Resources FREE
 * @author        WP Coders Club
 * @source
 * @compatible    WooCommerce 6
add_filter( 'woocommerce_available_payment_gateways', 'wpc_rename_place_order_button' );
add_filter( 'woocommerce_available_payment_gateways', 'wpc_rename_place_order_button_bacs' );
function wpc_rename_place_order_button( $gateways ) {
    if ( $gateways['cod'] ) {
        $gateways['cod']->order_button_text = 'Confirm Cash on Delivery';
    return $gateways;

function wpc_rename_place_order_button_bacs($gateways){
        $gateways['bacs']->order_button_text = 'View Bank Details';
    return $gateways;


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