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Why Exchange / Wallet Airdrop is so popular? Details about Tidex Exchange AirDrop.

Today I will share with you why Exchange / Wallet airdrop is so popular? I am sharing some points below, you will understand.

1. Most of AirDrop's projects are scams. As a result, after joining so hard, no payment can be obtained from them. But if an established exchanger site or a crypto wallet airdrop their native tokens at launch, they pay 100%.

2. There are very few rewards in most airdrop and very few people get them. For example, 2000 people will get $ 20000. As a result, it is very difficult to win among thousands of people. But the offer of the exchanger site actually has a lot of regular rewards and pays all the people. The win is sure.

3. It is seen that if other projects give airdrop, the price of their token dumps a lot but if they give airdrop in the exchanger site or wallet, their price does not hit much.

Today I will share that an exchanger site called Tidex Exchange will launch their native token. Reward Pool TDX token worth $ 2,000,000. Again at the price of IDO price. This means that if you pump the price, there will be a bigger reward pool.

Here, if you open an account on the Exchange site and deposit any token worth $ 20 by KYC (you can withdraw immediately), you will get a $20 equivalent TDX token when their token launches on 5th May. And the other one is not for any random users, everyone will get it.

• First open an account with email and password from this link and then do simple KYC. Just upload a photo with all the details of your NID card and the front and back folds of your NID card, and the NID card with the NID card in one hand and TIDEX.COM on the white paper in the other hand. . After a while your KYC will be approved.

• Then you go to Wallet option and go to Deposit option and deposit x 20 equivalent Trx. Only 1 Trx fee will be deducted for withdrawal from Binance. Then as soon as you deposit, you will withdraw that Trx again. Withdrawing Trx from Tidex Exchange costs 5 Trx. That would cost you about 0.35.

If all the work is done properly, if you go to the airdrop option from the 3 dot menu, you will see something like the screenshot below.


Finally, you will join the following Gleam Competition. Remember that you have opened an account on Tidex with the email or login to Gleam with the email. If you do this, you get $ 20. And there is no point in pumping the price.

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