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Top Programming Languages To Learn in 2022

Top Programming Languages To Learn in 2022

  1. Java
  2. Python
  3. JavaScript
  4. C++
  5. GO

Today I will discuss top programming languages ​​that can or should be learned in 2022, in line with the current time. And not all languages ​​work the same way because these languages ​​are used differently in different places. I will give the languages ​​step by step but this does not mean that first there will be a very good language or something good can be done by learning this language, I will give it randomly now you can continue practicing on what you like. No language can be a perfect programming language in itself because these different programming languages ​​come or go in different ways. Some languages ​​are used for web development and some languages ​​are used for app development. The point here is that we should make different language choices based on what we want to learn or (In the Future) on which we want to build the future.

Top programming languages to learn in 2022

Top programming languages to learn in 2022

Based on job demand, Java & Python is the most demandable programming language in 2022. Along with these programming languages C++, Go, and Javascript jobs are available with a high range of salaries.

1. Java

So let's first talk about Java. Now Java is a very popular programming language, especially Java's role in app development is immense. Reason (Android App Development) for Java (One Of The Most Popular) Language. Because you will be surprised to hear another thing (Android) (Software Development Kit).SDK is also basically (Java) was created using. Because when the Java language was created, a concept was used that meant (Write Once And Run Anywhere) (write once and use it anywhere. Was made for Windows and could only be used for Windows, if it was made for MacBook or Mac then it would only run on MacBook or if it was Linux software it would only run on Linux but Java is a language where Once you write the code you can run it on all types of operating systems depending on the type of system (Windows, Mac, Linux). That is why Java is such a versatile coding language. c ++) is used. And if you can solve different problems using these two languages, then there will be no shortage of jobs in the world. mining) much easier than C Sharp. And for coding, we can use different editors and some of the popular code editors are:

1. Visual Studio Code (VS. Code)

2. Intellij

3. Eclipse

Here are some of the most popular companies that hire Java developers:

1. Uber

2. Google

3. Instagram

If you want you can apply to these companies, in which case your minimum degree B.Sc in EEE, CSE, etc, etc.

If you want, you can search the internet.

2. Python

The second most important programming language is Python. Python was created as a Java competitor, but Python is now a very popular programming language and it has become very popular in a very short time. Because learning this language is very easy and in a very short time, you can learn the language if you want. Because Python has so many libraries it's easy to learn. And secondly, if we want to do web development then we (Flask, Django) are getting this kind of framework and this is why web development becomes much easier. And Python is the most popular language to learn data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Because different things like this are made using Python and it is developed. If you want to come to this field then I would recommend you learn Python. Another thing is that Python is a Better Choice for those of you who are new to programming, that is, for those who are going to start learning the program today.

The companies you can work for in Python are:

1. Razorpay

2. IBM

3. Intel

4. Spotify


3. JavaScript

Number three, the language we will be able to learn in 2022 is the language of the Internet, the language of the Internet. The use of JavaScript in web development is widespread. And it is a very versatile language. If you want JavaScript, you can use it for mobile app development, you can use it for desktop app development, and there is web development. Java has played a very important role in development. If you want to do (Font End) development then you will get (Angular, Vue, and React) such frameworks. And if you want to do (BackEnd) development then you can use (node.js vanilla.js). Because JavaScript dominates the internet world a lot. So you can learn JavaScript if you want. Here are the names of the companies where you can apply for a job if you want to be a very good developer of JavaScript:

1. Google

2. Netflix

3. Bigbasket

4. Paypal

4. c ++

The most popular language is C ++. We should learn the language by 2022, especially for those college students. Because CyplusPlus plays a very important role in solving data structures and algorithms. Another thing is that CiplusPlus (Compile) takes much less time compared to other programming languages. And especially in the case of interviews, CiplusPlus is very useful. If you want to build an operating system that is system heavy work where we need to be processing first then we have to use (c ++). Many of us use a game engine (Unreal) in case we want to do game development and there (c ++) is used.

5. Go

Those who are new developers may not have heard of this programming language but now it is a very popular programming language, in the coding community its name is Go.

The language is a language created by Google and is currently used in various places for development. The language has a lot in common with (C #, and Java). (Go Lang) is a very useful language for professional developers, because it takes much less development time to develop using this language. If you are doing web development or cloud service management then language can be very useful for you. It is developing very fast because of Google's language. It learns that you can get a job in an industry or company

1. Dropbox

2. Google

3. etc, etc.

There are also three other languages ​​that you can learn by 2022 if you want.

1. PHP

2. Swift

3. TypeScript


1. PHP is a very old programming language but it is still used today, but nowadays everyone relies heavily on Python's Django or JavaScript's node.js. It seems to me that at present there are very few PHP developers, but those who can do PHP are still hiring different companies with very good celery.

2. You must have an Apple device to use Swift, otherwise, you will not be able to practice it. That's why the number of developers is much less.

3. TypeScript is called the younger brother of JavaScript. However, JavaScript is much easier than typescript. And JavaScript has more jobs than typescripts. But those who are good developers of typescript are being accepted in their company by different companies with high salaries.

I hope you have learned something from this article. So far today.


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