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Reasons to you lose your Fiverr Gig Ranking and Solution?

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Reasons to you lose your Fiverr Gig Ranking and Solution?

Many well-selling gigs rank, suddenly disappearing for no reason, even after searching a lot of times can not find the gig. This type of paste has been seen a lot lately. You would be surprised to hear that it started in the middle of 2016. Those who did a good deal with Fiverr were able to catch it right away. However, it is true that the issue of losing this rank has been happening a lot lately. It simply came to our notice then. So they want to turn around and give more or fewer cells to everyone. Because if the newcomers don't get the call, they will be disappointed and leave, leaving only the experienced ones. It's bad for the market as one. If you hear bad news, it is still true that buyers come to Fiverr for good service for less money. Now if the veterans are at the forefront, then naturally the price of the service will be much higher, and the buyer will turn away from Fiverr. There may be many other reasons besides this.

reasons to lose your fiverr gig ranking

Their search algorithm is now so sensitive and dynamic that, with a little tweaking, Gig's rank goes down. Such as order cancellation, negative review, late delivery, buyer's hidden review, etc. I have already said that for no apparent reason, Gig's Rank is going away. There is not much profit to be made by going to Appart. As a result, many are frustrated and lose the motivation to work. Many people have knocked me in the inbox with this problem. In fact, I do not know the complete solution to this problem. My own gig rank is going through coming and going. I don't bother much about all this.

Based on the opinions of High experts and my analysis, I am discussing possible solutions to this problem. If you know of any solution, please let us know in the comments.

1. When Gig's Rank is gone, there is nothing to be upset about. It may be temporary. Be patient, Gig's Rank often comes back in a few days.

2. When Gig's Rank is gone and sales are down alarmingly, old buyers are knocked out and orders are taken from them. 3. From regular buyers, when taking custom orders, extend Gig's delivery time a bit.

3. Instead of days, do 7 days or 10 days. This will place more and more orders in your gig queue. And who doesn't know, it's one of the gig rank factors.

4. As a rule, send 10 buyer requests every day. Whether the order comes or not, your gig will have some click views. It will play a role in Gig Rank.

5. After the buyer gives a 5-star review, thank him or her and if you have a good relationship with the buyer, ask him to share your gig buyer's social profile. The buyer can easily share your gig on his social profile whenever he wants. It's a big promotion. I did it myself and got very good results.

6. Do your gig social marketing. Now is the time for social media. All of them should have a good presence on a few platforms. If you have a good social media profile, if you do gig marketing there for a few days, you will see that some orders will come in the gig and there will be a good click view. It is best to talk to an experienced social media expert if you can get a guideline from him. But please don't prove how big an ass you are like nonsense, on your personal Facebook profile, with gig share. Don't spam by promoting gigs everywhere. Try to differentiate between promotion and spamming.

7. If your social profile is not good, then there is nothing to fear. Now. Once you start working, try to make your profile fan flyer US or European base. Many have social media accounts with good fanfare. You can take service from them. Many people provide such services on fiber. You can use their service to test. They will promote your gig from their profile. It would be best if you could promote from your gig-related profile.

8. You need to create a regular buyer. In fact, being a regular buyer is the biggest source of energy for a seller. You make a list of your buyers. Divide buyers into three categories, new buyers, irregular buyers, and regular buyers. You will have to try to turn the buyer into a regular buyer as much as possible. If you have regular buyers in many of them, you can do it without worrying too much about Gig Rank.

9. Provide good service of very professional quality, so that no negative reviews, late delivery, or hidden bad reviews are read in your gig. If these negative things are not in the gig, then hopefully your gig's rank will come back again quickly.

10. Fiverr is now giving promotion options to many gigs. Promotion options must be turned on in your good gig. When Gig's Rank is gone, at least double the bid price. Hopefully, Gig will start doing well again. The rule of gig promotion is that the higher the bid price, the higher the promotion.

11. The gig rank in Sapparte is gone. Although it is known that they will answer by saying some stupid things. However, if you are lucky, the support person can give you back the rank of the gig. I have seen a few such incidents myself.

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