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How to Do Fiverr Market Research | Part 2

Complete Guidelines for Success in Freelancing – Fiverr Market Research

Complete Guidelines for Success in Freelancing - Fiverr Market Research


Before creating the account, go to and see all the categories from the menu. What is the quality of work of those who are providing services in that category, how are they getting work, competition, why spend a few days on all these. Now it's time to take a step. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. If you think that there is a lack of skill in the subject you are interested in, then keep practicing on that subject, develop the skill, and come back to fiber. If you think that you will not be able to become proficient in any work without spending 5,000 hours, it will be possible for you to take the next steps. No or almost impossible. Get down to business knowing about (almost) market standard work, and keep up the good work. Not that you can get an order today if you open an account on Fiverr today!

You will easily get a job in the category you worked in.

In a word, you can easily get a job if you work in a competitive category. For example, you can work with the watercolor logos without working with Minimal Logo design and you can work with Vendor ecommerce websites without working with WordPress websites. I hope you catch the tricks. Why is market research so important?

The Low Competition will be discussed in detail in another part of the article.

Fiverr Profile Decoration:

Many people think that it is useless but it is very important. At first, I didn't know what was in the

  • Profile decoration
  • User name
  • Profile picture
  • Bio

Profile Description Fiverr username can never be changed. So for the first time, you have to take a professional step.

Here is the maximum freelancer by mistake! Which of the two names in Devsyard and arman_khan seems professional? Definitely arman_khan!

The only difference between Devsyard and arman_khan is Mr. Arman Khan. The middle of the name has used two underscores.

devs_studios can be named as an agency. The question may be Devsyard This seller has been top rated with a name in scribble? Will you do the same because he did not do well?

It is usually more convenient to hire a person than an agency. The reason is that almost everyone has the idea that the agency will charge more. Now let's come to the profile picture. The profile picture carries a lot of importance. Below I am adding some examples of professional quality profile pictures.

fiverr professional sellers profile picture


This is followed by the bay and profile description. For all this, I am giving some profile links without talking; You can make them grow. I told you not to copy.


The trick to making a gig: You might make a gig, but we think a gig is a big business. This gig can bring me a million dollars a month.

So how do you make a gig?

All the things that need to be taken care of to create a gig –

1. Competitor Analysis.

2. Attractive Unique SEO Friendly Title for Gig

3. Unique description

4. Gig's package

5. Gig tags

6. Pictures for Gig (thumbnails)

7. Video for Gig

8. FAQ

9. Gig description strategy

Details that can't be given in Fiverr Gig

Your first gig or you made a gig after hours. So, by mixing the sweetness of the mind in it, you have made 10 categories with one gig. I made my first gig just like that, but now I understand what went wrong. Although I have seen many videos, all the theory types. No one shows up directly or manually.
Let's see what to do with your gig, and what not to do

1. Don't give Irrelevant Word in Gig Title & Description. (You must have Main Keyword in Title and Description (1st Paragraph) you must have Main Keyword)

2. Do not use a highlighter. (Highlight the gig to make it easier to read and focus on some of the main words, so highlight)

3. Do not mention 10 separate services together. (Keep only one service in a gig – you can specify Sub Category, Low Competition Keyword)

4. Gig's first graphic design for 10 years, but your gig Background Removal) can not be said. (You mentioned Experience should match the type of your service, if you remove BG for 10 years then you should be a Permanent Client of a big company now)

5. You are active 24 hours a day, this is a lie. Do you sleep I left out the bathroom or the bathroom? (Say the exact time, otherwise, there is no need to mention the time).
6. Do not guarantee 100% Satisfaction, if you are an Expert and Client Communication Skill Not good. (It's a big deal, so if you can maintain it, you can pay)

7. Do not give more text in GIG IMAGE. (If not user-friendly, then there is no benefit with that picture. The buyer is a human, not a robot, and the first thing that comes to the notice of the buyer is the gig image).

8. The level you are at, Level's Tag Image gig does not give. (Eat bamboo as soon as the level is reached) Do not give the link in the personal corner to take the buyer out.

9. Don't talk too much outside the service. (What you are offering in any package in the service, what the buyer needs to know before ordering is just that.)

10. Do not give less information in the package. (Use Word Limit full tie)

11. Do not leave the Fag Section blank. (Give the buyer everything you need to know before ordering).

12. Don't make a gig in one sitting. (Research and spell over time.)


13. The market price of the service is 50, you can pay 40 or 35, not 5. (Give in 5, service like 5, and mention it very well in a gig)

14. Social Media Marketing (AKA Fb / Twitter Spamming) cannot do that because these places have more sellers than buyers. (When the seller will view your gig, the bounce rate of your gig will increase. You will see that Click View is not an order, the rank will not be what it is)

15. Don't give Irrelevant things in Gig Tags. (First Keyword in Main Tag, then Sub-Keywords)

16. Don't give design like Nilkhet in Gig Image. (Give the buyer an eye-catching image and color)

17. Do not omit Gig PDF with Gig Image. (Add all your portfolio to a doc and convert it to PDF. If the file size is large then use an Online Pdf compressor.)

Just like in school, college or exams, you don't write anything as you wish, just like Gig does research in a hurry and does not make it in a hurry. Because, it's your business, so keep it tidy and professional.

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