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Get Google AdSense Approval Fast Without Content | 100% Secret Tips For Adsense Approval

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Hi Friends,
In this video, You will learn how to get Google AdSense approval for your website without content. You need to watch my full video to get google AdSense approval. Getting Adsense approval isn't easy for newcomers and also it's a dream for some professional article writers to show AdSense ads on their website so they can earn some money. But they do their best to get AdSense approval but they are not able to approve their website because of some small mistakes.


Actually, it's not your problem because when you're searching on youtube that “How To Get Google Adsense Approval” To Your website then you see different types of videos. Everyone has their different thoughts on AdSense. They will not give an exact solution on how to get Adsense approval. They are just doing clickbait.  Now, you can think that if they are doing clickbait then, Why don't you tell us the truth?

Frankly, there is only 1 secret tip I can give you is that you have to meet google Adsense's basic requirements. Obviously, you know that Google will send robots to crawl your website before they approve your website on AdSense.

First off all they will check does your website have any Posts and Pages?

So, if you don't have then you will not get AdSense approval. It's common for everyone. So, what should you do now?

Before Applying to Adsense Make Sure Your Site Meet the following Criteria for Google Adsense

Step 1 – Pages: For All Types of  Websites

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Disclaimer
  • Contact Us

Step 2 – Posts:

  • Post At least 6-8 Articles if you are a blogger
  • Or You don't need to add any posts if your website is a tools site (Like This One:

If you follow the above information then you will get your website AdSense approval fast.

Also, comment here if you need any kind of help.

Some of these websites will help you to get AdSense approval.

Site's Link:

Privacy Policy Generator:

Terms and Conditions Generator:

Disclaimer Generator:


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