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Fiverr Gig Marketing With LinkedIn – Chapter 1

Fiverr Gig Marketing With LinkedIn

Chapter 1:

Today we are going to discuss Fiverr gig marketing on LinkedIn.

This post is for those who are giving new gigs in the marketplace but are not getting gig rank in any way.

How to do marketing on LinkedIn?

A: In fact, before marketing on LinkedIn, you need to edit your LinkedIn profile.
The first is the profile picture of a simple smiling 1 picture. With 1 good banner must be uploaded.
Then attach all your achievements (school, college, varsity) in works and activities and give good info about yourself.

If you can, 1 Entrepreneur or Owner of your own business or something, you will also list this thing there.


Certificates of completion of various courses will also be kept there as a portfolio.
Then the most important work will start. Join different types of entrepreneur groups.

Join most USA groups. Comment there, share with your gig description, etc.
And of course, the connection must be increased.

Now the question is who will send the connection request?

Answer: Business companies in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada have their CEO, COO, Manager.
Try to communicate with them.
The more connections you make, the more you gain. And this will make your LinkedIn profile heavier.

Share your activities and skills with everyone as much as you can.
Then open 1 company page and open the group yourself. Show activities there.

Gig shares.

You may not even realize that your gig is slowly ranking due to SEO.
That's why I always tell everyone. The best social media for gig marketing is LinkedIn.


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