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Create Fiverr Gig Image Template | Part 3

Fiverr Gig Image Template

Complete guidelines for success in freelancing - killer gig image


The killer gig is an important subject in creating images.


Needless to say how important the gig image is. An attractive gig image will help you to get buyers/clients. I'm going to make it easy with an example – let's say you logged on to youtube. To see something. Now you will click on that thumbnail.

You will like the title and image of the thumbnail. The title could be, see what Mashrafe did with the journalist. Along with this, the Fiverr image of a journalist with Sakib is included in the image. Naturally, you will click on that thumbnail. Also, when you see a gig in another car for research, what do you see when you enter a gig? Definitely the title and the image. In the same way, the buyer/client will be attracted to your gig image and will enter the gig. If you are lucky you can get the order. Here are 10 important things to keep in mind when creating a gig image.


Gig's image quality must be good. That means no pixelated image can be used. Many people do not pay attention to the image quality of the gig. Whatever the case may be, the buyer may have doubts about your service. So keep the quality of the image carefully.


Do not use copyright images i.e. stock images. The copyright issue in Fiverr terms & conditions is very clear. Even using a copyrighted image can result in an account ban. Be careful!


clickbait refers to any click symbol/icon in the middle of the image. This type of clickbait symbol cannot be used.


No matter how many number sellers you have on Fiverr it cannot be used as a badge in gig images. It is the buyer's position in the fiverr. You can see this when you enter your profile. So this type of badge should never be used in gig images.

Avoid over-text:

try to keep the gig image as clean as possible. Many people are seen using a lot of text in the middle of the image. Due to this the buyer becomes confused a lot of the time. Moreover, the impression of the gig is not good.


Do not use extra content in a gig image. For example, you work with the design. Use a unique layout in gig images. Don't add 4-5 hours to an image. Basically, it is better to create a minimal image by leaving as much space as possible.


use the right proportions. Keep Opets Carcasa do canto pop. For this, the image size must be 690 pixels x 426 pixels. Create gig images by maintaining this ratio.

Don't reuse images:

If you have more than one gig, do not use the same image per gig.

Show your real face:

If you want to add your own picture to the image, use your real and clean image.


This is a basic idea of creating a Fiverr killer Gig Image. If you want to learn more about Fiverr Gig Image Templates & Tutorial to Build Your Gig Gallery then read this article.


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