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Complete Guidelines For Success in Freelancing

Complete guidelines for success in freelancing


Complete guidelines for success in freelancing

Working in the freelancing sector is not like working in any other profession. Here you are paid for every second. If you want to work, you can't work. So it is not possible to work or establish yourself in this sector without being a professional. However, even if the newcomer does not know any job, if he learns to work well, he can start working in this sector. But many remain skeptical about what work will be good to learn, where to learn it will be good, how to learn it will be good. That is why it is written with a complete guide for the newcomers. Any work that needs to be well known in the very early stages of professional learning –

1. You should not think of becoming a professional in the beginning.

2. One should not think about where / how to learn professionally in the beginning.

3. You should not learn to work blindly in the beginning.

4. You should not think of working professionally in the beginning.

5. You should not think that you will earn by learning this job in the beginning.

You should not think of becoming a professional at the beginning.

1. Find out the names of the things that can be done first.

2. If you have some ideas, look no further than Google and YouTube. Find out why this is done on Google. And find out how to do this on YouTube.

3. Don't plan to learn in the first place. Learn and see in general. Ask yourself if you like what you see and if you understand.

4. Not everyone likes / understands everything well. So make a list of the things that you like and understand.

5. Now let's go to the marketplace. But not to work. Come and get some professional information about the work. Based on this you will decide which job you will learn in the work.

6. Create an Account at Marketplace. In this case, your profile is not 100%.

7. Even if you do. Find the shortlist of jobs that you like. You can find work by specifying the type of work. So look for jobs and see how much of this type of work is available / in demand, what is the value of the work, how many competitors there are. Look for 50-100 job pastes for each type of work, not just one or two. Look at all the types of jobs that are on your shortlist.

8. After looking at everything and deciding which one or more (if you want) work, decide which job you will learn.

How to plan while learning to work –

You should not think about where / how to learn professionally at the beginning

1. First of all, don't worry about where you will learn to work. Don't start snooping. Basically in elementary education, you can take it from anywhere. Do a Google search. Get basic education from any one site.

2. There is no need to be skeptical about how well the information is provided on the site. 3. On the first day, do not go down to learn to work with a lot of enthusiasm.

4. The first thing you need to do is learn the whole course of work. A syllabus of the entire course is given wherever you learn to work.

5. Again, I say don't get down to learning to work with a lot of enthusiasm on the first day.

6. Take a look at the site for a whole syllabus and work topics, see how big a topic is, and so on. If it is a video, drag and drop it, if necessary, and if it is just written, try by jumping the page. I asked to see. Didn't ask to learn.

7. You get an idea of ​​what is in your syllabus and how big or small it is in any of the subjects of the syllabus. Now divide the whole syllabus from this thought / follow the topic according to the syllabus and make a plan about it during each division. However, it is good to know how to learn to work in terms of scheduling.

You should not learn to work blindly in the beginning

1. Start by sharing one by one according to your plan. First of all, you watch the whole video of that part/topic with your mind / read the whole article with your mind. The way we usually watch movies / read stories. You will get a lot of ideas about this part.

2. Since you have seen/read it once, you have a rough idea. Basically, you have finished the work learning chapter without knowing it. Now start this share/topic again from the beginning. Watch/read and try to do it yourself as well.

3. You have learned about 10% or 25% or 50% of the course as well as practice on your own. Now I have a pretty good idea. Now try to do something with this 10% or 25% or 50% of everything even if you learn to work by practicing differently according to the topic. I'm not saying to do a whole thing. The only thing you can do is work on what you have learned. Here is a good example of this – if you can go 1 km in a 4 km road then go that far. Just remind yourself that even if you know how to work on different topics as much as you have learned, you can work on combining everything if you want.

4. In this way, after a certain share, try to do something by combining everything before.

5. When the syllabus is complete, try to do one thing at a time.

You should not think of working professionally at the beginning

1. Don't worry about the client's work after learning the job. There is still a long way to go.

2. Again, when the whole syllabus is complete, try to do a whole thing. Remember you have completed the entire syllabus but have not learned the whole task.

3. You can do something on your own or ask someone who does this to ask you to do something. But not a job professionally.

4. You do something as a test. And see where your shortcomings are. Find them on Google, YouTube. What to do before starting work and at the moment of starting.


Before you start freelancing you can learn more about what is marketplace?


You should not think that you will earn by learning this job at the beginning

1. In the beginning you had an account in the marketplace. If the profile of that account is not 100% then do it.

2. Now keep looking at the job paste related to your work. In the beginning, you will see that there is a lot in this work of yours that is unknown to you. Find out what you need to know by looking at the job paste. Find them on Google, YouTube. Try.

3. Look at the job paste to see if there is any job that you can actually do the whole job. If so, you apply. Try to get the job done.

4. You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The topics discussed here are just how to make yourself professional in the field of work from scratch. Also among the issues that have not been discussed but it is very important –

1. You need to be proficient in English.

2. Patience is like learning by searching on Google and YouTube.

3. Sort your profile professionally from the moment you start looking for work. Need.

4. Your cover letter is professionally written from the moment you start looking for a job. Need.

5. From the moment you start looking for a job, you need to know the client. . And before or after you start looking for a job, you need to have a good plan for the next time to establish yourself permanently. And after saying it over and over again, I am saying one last thing again. Use Google (search engine) and YouTube regularly. Here are the answers to all your questions.

Portfolio The Boss

1. I have no work portfolio, how to prove skill? Work portfolio is not yet created or work experience has not yet. Then you still haven't got the job or the job. If you really want to get an order somewhere or get a job and get rid of your unemployment.

Then, first of all, after working on some real projects for 3-5 months, he prepares the portfolio by creating an experience.

2. How to create a portfolio if no one has the opportunity to work?

Keep this question in mind, you are not old enough to work. There is much more to learn. There are many opportunities to gain experience in the IT world. If you are a graphic designer, join the contest and use the designs created for the portfolio. Facebook popularized the marketing experience by creating an F-Commerce page. No matter how many likes, people will check your experience and skills in this work by looking at your activity on the page. Add the name of that page to your portfolio and describe what you did, what the outcome was, in your portfolio. Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! The initial verification of a person is completed in just 30 seconds by looking at the presentation of the portfolio or job CV. Prepare your portfolio with this in mind so that it can easily assess you in 30 seconds. I will try to give an example of what the portfolio of designers will look like here. The rest get their own skill experience with this idea and add it to the work portfolio.

What should a portfolio look like for graphic designers:

Keep in mind, as a portfolio becomes much easier to get a job, it is probably followed by many in this competitive market. So a lot of smartness and professionalism is also a competition in creating a portfolio. So you As if you can't be sure by creating a portfolio. That means you have to have a portfolio, that portfolio has to be smarter and more professional than others.

Here are some portfolio ideas:

1. One Page Image Portfolio: This type of image portfolio is much more suitable for sending 1st message for a job application on Facebook or any other marketplace. Buyers will easily be interested in you if they see all your work in one glance in one image. Take a look at an example of such an image portfolio.

2. Graphical Portfolio CV: If you are a designer, then your design creativity can be understood by looking at every step you take. You are an experienced designer, it is

Every step of the way is presented to you as a designer rather than being written or explained. If you prepare a job portfolio CV, you will be a little ahead of others in any job interview.

3. Video portfolio: The current era is the era of video. submit video CV as CV. If you share a video portfolio with your work portfolio with any buyer on Facebook, the buyer will surely be impressed by your creativity. Then the chances of getting a job will increase a lot.

It would be great if you could make a video portfolio yourself, or with someone else.
4. Flipbook Portfolio CV: You can be more creative, you can prepare your portfolio CVT in the form of an animated flipbook for any job application. The subject will be very interesting for everyone and will be easily noticed.

5. Portfolio Website: If you can create a website with your work portfolio, then you will benefit the most benefited. You will gain a lot more trust, you will be able to retain the client through that website. A professional website will put you 75% ahead of others when it comes to getting a job.

Below I am sharing the link of the portfolio website of a top-level graphic designer from the USA: Lauren Herda By creating such a website and sharing its link on Facebook, the chances of finding many buyers will increase many times. Before you catch a buyer in the market, create a portfolio of your own, just like the one above, and knock the buyer on Facebook. Then the chances of getting a job will increase many times. How to present a portfolio to Fiverr clients.

Many of us used to use designer Flicker. Recently Flicker IDs are getting disabled. This is because Flicker is basically a photography-sharing site. Now the question is which site can we provide as a portfolio?

Let's first know which sites link sharing is not allowed in Fiverr.

Hopefully, we understand which sites we can use.

For designers, marketers, developers, Blogspot is probably the best option. There are many beautiful premium themes of Blogspot now available in the market and you can use them to present yourself professionally. Be careful not to provide personal contact info on any site. There you will embed the link of Fiber as contact info.

This Blogspot site is for Fiverr clients only. Make a website with a top-level domain to present yourself professionally outside. If you can't make it yourself, invest. It is an invaluable resource. The website is very useful in the case of big-budget clients.

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