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Beginners Guide: How To Learn Web Design

Beginners Guide: How To Learn Web Design

We are constantly browsing numerous websites. Every website is different. The size, shape, and text of the website are all different. Simply put, web designing is the process of turning a certain number of text and images into a complete website with the help of Photoshop, HTML, and CSS.

Every website is built with the help of HTML and CSS. Therefore, if you know HTML and CSS, you can create a static website.

So what are HTML, and CSS?

These two are web programming languages or website creation languages by which you can do web designing. And Photoshop is an image editing software that allows you to re-design your website. Later with the help of HTML and CSS, he will be able to convert the design into a website.

Why we will learn:

If you want to build a career online then you must have an idea about HTML and CSS. No matter where you work, HTML and CSS will work for you. And if you want to build a career in web development, then you must learn. Web designing is the first step in learning web development.

Suitable for whom:

For people who love to browse the website and you are interested in the mind, you need to know how the website was created. Then there is no doubt that you can do well in this sector. I always take my interests very seriously.

What is the demand of the market?

There is a huge demand for web design in the market. But if you only learn web design then you are more likely not to get the job. You need to learn how to create dynamic websites. This means you have to learn web development. If it becomes quite difficult, you can learn WordPress in a simple way. WordPress is a web content management system. By which you can easily create a dynamic website.

What is the probability of income?

It all depends on your experience. In my opinion, learning web designing alone is not enough. Even if it is, it is quite troublesome. I would definitely recommend learning web design as well as WordPress. Then it is possible to earn $500 a month.

What are your qualifications and how long will it take to learn web design?

No qualifications are required. Your willpower is enough. Anyone can learn web design if they want. And learning web design can take up to 3 months like brand new. However, with a little more time, it is possible to master HTML and CSS well in 2 months. Remember, however, that web design is closely linked to web development. Although it takes less time to learn web designing, it can take up to 2 years to learn web development.

Let's see how you have to learn this time:

You must first learn HTML. After that, he has to learn CSS. The best way to learn HTML and CSS is to watch the tutorial and practice it right away. You can learn HTML and CSS from the playlist below.

1. Basic HTML Course by FreeCodeCamp

Link: HTML Full Course – Build a Website Tutorial by Giraffe Academy

2. Basic Web Design Course by Easy Tutorials

Link: How To Make Website Using HTML & CSS | Full Responsive Multi-Page Website Design Step by Step  By Avinash

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After learning basic HTML, and CSS from here, you need to learn how to make PSD to HTML. PSD is a Photoshop file that you need to create a website by looking at it. So let's not know how to learn PSD to HTML.

1. PSD To HTML Course:

Link: PSD to HTML – Full project By Jong-Yoon Kim

2. PSD to HTML – Full project

Link: Convert PSD to HTML  By Ali Hossain

If you are new to Photoshop, you can learn the basics of Photoshop here.

1. Basic Adobe Photoshop Tutorial by Envato Tuts+

Link: Photoshop for Beginners – Free Course

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After learning these you need to learn Twitter Bootstrap. Which will greatly increase the speed of your work. You can learn Twitter Bootstrap from here.

1. Bootstrap 4 Framework Tutorial by FreeCodeCamp

Link: Bootstrap CSS Framework – Full Course for Beginners

>> Create a Responsive Website Using Bootstrap

So, Let's know which websites you have to follow to learn web design

1/  W3Schools

This is called the Bible of web design learning. Because from this website you can learn everything about HTML and CSS.

2/ Get FireBug

If you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser then you need to use this add-on for Inspect Element.

3/ Bootstrap

This is a framework. A great framework. Which will change your web designing experience. Of course, you have to learn it.


There is no pairing of this website for using any icon as a font. Don't try once.

5/ Google Fonts

From this website you can download Google Fonts for your website.

6/ Dafont

Another great website for downloading fonts.

7/ Icons Site

These websites are quite useful for finding icons. You can find and use any icon. In a word, great.

8/ Code Editors

Sublime Text

This is the best code editor for beginners.

A great website. So you get a lot of coded code. Completely free.

10/ CSS Tricks

When you learn to code, you will get a lot of readymade code from here. Very funny website

11/ OS Templates


You can download free PSD files from these two websites to practice.

13/ Beautifier

After writing the code, you can use this website to sort it out better. Great website

14/ W3 Validator

You can check whether your written code is valid from this website.

Where to get work:

As I said before, just learning HTML and CSS doesn't do much. Because now everyone wants to create a dynamic website. So you have to learn to be dynamic. Otherwise, you will not be able to do perfect coding. Because when coding HTML and CSS, you have to keep in mind the dynamics. If not, there is a lot of trouble in doing dynamically. Hope you understand the matter. Find out where you can still find work.





What to do to get a job:

You need to show your client an example of your previous work. This is called a portfolio. The more professional your portfolio, the sooner you will get the job. In this case, you can buy a domain or host and upload the templates you have created, and put them with the link. This will give your clients a better idea of ​​your skills.

Creating a portfolio website with WordPress is very easy.

If you want to keep yourself updated, you need to browse some websites:

Shape Bootstrap

This is a great website for Bootstrap templates. You can get many ideas from this website. The funny thing is that the owner of this website is Bangladeshi. However, this website is one of the best websites in the world.

Site Templates

You will find a professional website template on this site.



These websites need to be followed regularly when you are advanced. To keep up to date with the latest news.

Thanks For Your Interest.

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